Five ファイブ MV | I think I'm in love again. [Aso Hina x Shimizu Toshi]

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DRAMA: Five ファイブ
DRAMA W/ ENG SUB: https://pamsurowka.tumblr.com/FIVEMasterpost
SONG: I think I'm in love again by Kat Dahlia (Pitched)
For the last few days, I've been feeling under the weather and with migraine I'm quite muddleheaded right now lol. Decided to check this out since I wanted to watch something light/funny and surprising I enjoyed it.

I like the fact that MEN5 are smart and nice boys, quite different from other school dramas. This drama reminded me so much of OuranHighSchoolHostClub with its wacky events. My fav. MEN5 was Tairaku Jun, he reminded me so much of Ootori Kyoya. More than the romance, I loved the friendship & bromance aspect of this show. Found it so cute how they addressed Aso Hina as Princess and were so protective of her.

Can't wait for season 2! :D


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