Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen - How to Have Fun Really Fast

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One of the biggest issues many people have with Dragon's Dogma is how slow the beginning of the game is. Here in this video I'll show you how to get your character going right from the start of the game. Getting some powerful gear early on, millions of gold, earning tons of discipline points to unlock all of the cool skills and dragonforging your equipment so you can start having fun as soon as possible. This guide is made mainly for returning players but if you're a new player you can still learn some very useful tips and tricks. See additional info below.


- Part 01 Getting End Game Gear Early 00:36
- Part 02 Maxing Out Your Vocations Fast 14:12
- Part 03 Early Dragonforging Equipment 25:24

- Barrel wall clipping glitch:

This glitch allows you to clip through any wall in the game provided the conditions are met. For this you'll need a barrel, an object you can carry and two straight walls that meet in a corner, if the wall is sloped it may not work. Start by putting the barrel against the corner of the walls then grab an obejct and wall up to the barrel, you should be able to go inside the barrel. Next you jump against the wall you want to clip into. If done correctly you should clip inside the wall. This can be used to get the moonbeam gem door treasures in Duskmoon Tower right at the start of the game. This can also be used in other locations to bypass certain barriers and other exploits, which will be shown in a next video.

Update: It seems that shorter characters are unable to perform this glitch. While testing with different heights I was unable to glitch inside with characters that were shorter than 174cm and had lots of trouble with characters that were shorter than 184cm. At 184cm and above it was easy to glitch inside. If your character is too short and you are unable to glitch inside you can remake your character by going into hard mode; if already in hard mode you can change difficulty to normal in the in-game menu, save and quit the game and then start hard mode again. After doing the glitch and getting all the items you want you can then remake your character by going into hard mode again as it's not necessary to perform this glitch ever again.

- Bastion and Fortitude augments:

Hard mode significantly increases the damage enemies deal to the Arisen, this increased damage does not affect pawns. The Bastion and Fortitude augments reduces that damage and makes hard mode much more manageable at lower levels, which is incidentally the hardest part of hard mode so those augments are extremelly useful early on.

- Experience and Discipline points:

A very common question is why should you get rid of your pawns? The answer is simple, for each pawn you have in your party you earn 25% less experience, from the wiki:
"Maximal experience gain
By traveling in Hard Mode alone whilst having Weal active, the maximum XP gain is calculated as the base monster XP value x 2 (for Hard Mode) x 1.25 (for one empty Pawn spot) x 1.25 (for two empty Pawn spots) x 1.25 (for three empty Pawn spots) x 2 (for Weal effect) = x7.8 experience."

That means the fastest way to earn experience is to play in hard mode with no pawns while under the effect of Weal which you can get from the charms we buy from Fournival and Barroch. Whenever you gain experience you also earn a percentage of that in Discipline Points. The percentage of discipline gained in relation to the amount of experience earned is lower the more experience you get up to a cap of 1%. That means earning smaller amounts of experience will still give you a good amount of Discipline Points and since killing larger enemies that gives tons of experience takes time and you can't kill many of those from back to back it's often the best idea to just kill a ton of smaller enemies.

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