[Dragon's Dogma] Solo Sorcerer Demonstration

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These solo demonstrations are done using a max-level character, without any pawns, and using unoptimized equipment loadouts. Most builds here are aiming for around 1000 in the strength or magick attack stats for their weapons, and have outfits basically comprised of what I think looks good.

-Enemies Fought-
Goblin Hordes and Twin Cyclopes of Conquerer's Sanctum

High Miasma
High Lassitude
Holy Affinity
High Bolide
High Glicel
High Maelstrom

-General Verdict-
Sorcerer's most fun spells (the huge, destructive ones unique to this vocation) require some pretty express guard by allies in order to get off, which makes solo-play of a sorcerer a lot drier than it usually is with other vocations. A sorcerer can attempt to make openings by using Lassitude, or with a Torpor-effect Archistaff (i.e. Rusted Archistaff). Inversely the most effective way to solo as a Sorcerer might just be equipping a full set of enchantment spells and one last support option like Voidspell or Miasma and just spam Focus Bolts on everything - this takes the most advantage of the Sorcerer's higher Magick stat in comparison to the Mage, which would allow high-damage, stunning barrages to basically dominate against every enemy type.

-Possible Improvements-
I'm being purposefully a bit more flashy in this demonstration than I probably should be, preparing more spells than necessary, and Bolide in particular didn't help at all. Again, in reality I could probably just be spamming focus bolts on my enemies until death but that's way less fun or indicative of what a sorcerer does, compared to the option of summoning meteors or tornadoes. All that said, I probably should've waited until the angry Cyclopes stopped running around madly in order to attempt Lassitude casts, and realized perhaps a bit too late that I'd need to remove the helmet on the Cyclops to get it vulnerable to my spells.

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